Arts One alumna Mckenzie Young says the program gave her a strong foundation for academic and personal success. “From Arts One I learned first and foremost not to be intimidated by advanced readings or complicated assignments.” The program’s unique structure challenged her but also gave her skills she may have not otherwise developed. “Time management and stress management have been some of the most valuable lessons I have carried with me throughout my time at UBC.”

Laurie McNeill is chair of First-Year Programs in the UBC Faculty of Arts. She’s also a former Arts One student and as such, she lauds the program for cultivating her love for the arts and its rigorous interdisciplinary studies that prepared her for her eventual graduate work and research.


“Coming back to Arts One in my role as chair of First-Year Programs has been really fun,” says McNeill. “I’ve been impressed to see the intensive work that goes into making the reading lists and lectures, all of which are developed through the collaborative efforts of four to five instructors. I’ve also really enjoyed meeting each year’s batch of students, and appreciating their enthusiasm and their genuine love for the program.”

Current Arts One student and Arts One Student Council member, Rachel Wan, is equally effusive about the program and the distinctive learning experience it has offered her. Wan is enrolled in the study stream, Knowledge and Power. “So far, my favourite book this term was Sappho’s poetry If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sapphotranslated by Anne Carson. I really enjoyed it because it felt relative to my own writing and poetry and I also loved the stories you could find in her fragmented writing.”