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Sputnik Plunk


I'm opening up my latest show at the Harold Golen Gallery in Miami on May 8th, 2010. The exhibition is called Sputnik Plunk (space junk). It's a compilation of space dreams and multi-coloured worlds. There are some familiar themes and some new surprises in this show so please give it a glance. I'm planning on being in attendance for the opening so please help by visiting my Annual Spring Studio Sale for my Miami fundraiser. Please help get me to Miami. 

For those who always ask a show preview will be posted here a week before the opening date so keep checking back.
This will be the last figure-based show for 2010. I'm going to finish off the season by concentrating on some contemporary work that I've been itching to start. Seems like there is a positive to an economic down-turn because it's lending me some time to experiment and have some fun with some large scale pieces.


Enjoy the show - Mister Atomos

Harold Golen Gallery
2294 North West 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida
Phone: 305-989-3359

1 Comment