As you know I don't show in Vancouver very often, so here's a chance for everyone to get to see what I'm up to these days. I've put together a set of large and small paintings for ELECTRICKS that opens this Thursday from 7-11pm (May 1st). The show is located at Hot Art Wet City Gallery, 2206 Main Street/6th Ave. I'm also showing with two very talented Vancouver artists Laura Bifano, and Luc Latulippe. Please come down and join us for a few drinks and support a great little gallery. Mister Atomos

Electricks is a group exhibition featuring new paintings, prints, and t-shirts by illustrators Mark “Atomos” PilonLaura Bifano, and Luc Latulippe. Electricks is a carnival of seductive technology and persuasive robots who dwell in a Tesla formed world of electricity and mystery. Deceitful machines. Which seems timely, given this era of Snowden leaks and high tech surveillance. We now live in the science fiction world we had predicted years ago, only not always the inspiring one we had hoped for. But like any good science fiction story there is a hint of hope and new discoveries. This is Electricks. 

For show previews and sales contact Chris Bentzen at 604-764-2266