Recently the Georgia Straight Magazine asked me to do the opening illustration for the 2013 Best of Vancouver Issue. This was my first-time illustrating this section so it was a really great project and a chance to draw for my favourite local magazine again. This year It seemed only natural that we do the dreaded cycling theme. Especially with all the controversy in Vancouver over increased bike lanes and bike related politics. I myself am not really sure what's controversial about saving lives. Being a cyclist myself I just love the ability to roam this amazing city gas-free without worrying about the dangers of crazy mixed traffic and all the stress related hazards.
When I started this project I thought maybe I would draw one of those self-entitled-raging-bikers barreling through Point Grey and bumping pedestrians off the sidewalks. Or maybe just giving luxury vehicles the middle finger. No, I decided to keep it light and positive. So everybody please sit back, calm-the-fuck-down, and enjoy the pretty scenery of this impossible view from Vancouver's Crab Park. All I have to say is keep the rubber side down Mr. Robertson, my bike helmet goes off to you.