The paint just dried on "Mobility", a new piece headed to Elroy Artspace in Portland. This is my first PDX show and in honor of their amazing scooter scene I Vespa'd my ode to Alexander Calder for the upcoming Lollipop Circus. The exhibition opens this Thursday, June 2nd and wil be showing through the month of June. 
I've always been a huge Calder fan. His mobiles are fluid, colourful, alien, and have influenced my shapes and colours from the first day I picked up a brush.
This group exhibition of fine art is comprised of imagery inspired by that of Alexander Calder, one of America’s foremost modern artists, and internationally recognized for his invention of the mobile and his large-scale sculptures.  This is Elroy Artspace’s second show highlighting works created by contemporary artists as inspired by those of mid-century masters, following last season’s “Dreams of Eames” exhibition. If you're interested in this painting please contact 
Elroy Artspace - 300 SW 6th Avenue, Portland. (503) 609-0503