Dacosta! a.k.a CHOCOLATE SOOP and the Japanese American National Museum have assembled the first custom toy show held in a museum. 45+ artists have customized his DCTO (Dreams Come True Object) Jibun Project, a futuristic version of the traditional Daruma toy. The theme of the show is "Dreams to Dreams" and is based on the poem of the same title which speaks to childhood dreams, possibilities and looking to the future.
The finished art pieces will be on display at the Japanese American National Museum from December 1, 2008 through January 4, 2009. Pieces will be available for sale through the Museum Store. Opening reception will be held on Saturday, December 6th, 2008. The show will lead up to Oshogatsu weekend (a significant celebration in Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo area). there will be educational and entertaining programs that tell the significance of Daruma and other cultural icons for the New Year.
Contributing Artists: Amy Inouye, Angry Woebots, Barry Stephenson, Brent Nolasco, Cameron Tiede, Camilla d’Errico, Charles Hui, Charuca, Chris Conway, Dacosta!, Dan Goodsell, David & Kazumi Svenson, Donna Ikkanda, Gary van der Steur, Itokin Park
Jesse Hernandez, Jester, Joel Nakamura, Judson Beaumont, Julie West, kaNO kid, Kazuko Shinoka (Spicy Brown), Keith Poon, Koji Takei, Leecifer, Lou Pimentel, MadL, Marilyn Frandsen Mark Atomos Pilon, Mark Nagata, Megan Majewski, Neal Yamamoto, NEMO, PESKIMO, Peter Taylor, PON, Qris Yamashita, Sachiho Hino (Spicy Brown), Scott Wetterschneider, Shawn O’Conner, Steve Rolston, Steve Talkowski, Stuart Rapeport, Trevor McKay, Yoshii.

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Japanese American National Museum
100 N. Central Ave. Los Angeles

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