What can I say, I've turned on the internal coffee machine. 2005 was a busy year and 2006 is looking even busier. What's in store? I killed the music on the homepage so no more sniveling. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Jupiter Project Book launch and art show in Chicago this spring. I have an animation project in the works, a book of my own that I will release in late 2006, a new URL (atomos.ca), new serigraph prints, more PINK than ever and a few big shows. For now I'm trying to finish some projects (you know who you are) and starting on a new season with a slightly altered style and some fresh images. I'm going to need a bigger capsule! There are still a few shows up and running and some new paintings still available.


Cosmic Cocktail at the DC-Gallery until January 26, 2006

Pink Elephant at the Lunar Boy Gallery until January 14, 2006

House Sale at the DVA Gallery until February 4, 2006